Three Of My Greatest Learnings In Personal Transformation

In 2018, on my 38th birthday, I made a major life decision, ending a 12-year career in business and corporate growth.   
Leading up to that decision (and living in that decision) has pushed me to face fears and limiting beliefs that I was living with and didn't even know existed.
This interview describes how I came to meet and train with a man whose presence, heart, and training helped me discover the deeper truth of who I am and what I am made of (which is a huge part of how I help entrepreneurs and business leaders today). 
I share three of the greatest lessons I am grateful to have learned, and John explains how and why this change occurs. 
Meet John Tozeland

In my interview with John, we cover:
  • My three greatest learnings from John and his work with an explanation of how I got here:
    1. Trust my intuition. (Time Stamp 3:03)
    2. I am not my fears or my limiting beliefs. (Time Stamp 7:26)
    3. Life is energy and how that energy...
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