Maurice Thibodeau

Life Tools Creator | Executive Coach | Experience Designer. 

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Maurice Thibodeau

My name is Maurice Thibodeau, I have a passion for creation, and for maximizing our human experience.

I fuel that passion through the creation of Life Tools and Programs that help people gain life clarity.   

I have a specific affinity for working with other creators and entrepreneurs and guiding the entire entrepreneurial process from seed to bloom. 

I do this work because I love to see the illumination of life that happens when a person comes alive to their purpose

For me, helping people to see who they are, to love that unabashedly, and live it audaciously, is a blessing and a responsibility.

I believe this is the highest value I can contribute to the world, beyond my role as a dad and a husband. 

"He is a visionary who ties together his business savvy with his genuine love of and interest in people. Maurice exhibits a true compassion for others that comes from his genuine spirit. There is nothing put on or fake with him, he is a man of authenticity."

Rob Harder
Family Wealth Group, Partner

Coach to Creators

Entrepreneurs that are operating at full capacity (intellectually and emotionally) are in their highest position to serve the world. 

Creators are a vital vessel for progress, innovation, and evolution. 

Creators making a living of their passion represent the quintessential meaning of living brave enough to honor your gifts and share them with the world.

Working with creators so that they be their best is the ultimate honor. 

Experience & Certifications: 

- 15-yrs corporate development

- Certified Hypnotherapist 

- Certified Life Coach (CCF) 

Certified Extreme Leadership Facilitator (click to view)

Experience Designer

I love to design experiences that help people to open their hearts and minds and fully receive. 

I have a gift for being able to play out the future and I use it to map out the precise details of an experience so that it can create an environment for creativity to live. 

Experiences Designed by Maurice include:

- I Am Festival (click to view)

momondays Winnipeg (click to view)

I Am Family Camp (click to view)

- Loving on Purpose - Couples Retreats

Product Creator

I love creating products and being involved in projects that create freedom.  

Freeing the mind time by eliminating non-thinking tasks so that energy can be spent on value generating activities.

Freeing creative energy by illuminating perspective; giving a language and a road map to things otherwise unseen, acting as a catalyst to new ways of being. 

Freeing relationships by uncovering the underbelly of our truth, making us more accessible and accountable to who we are and how we show up. 

Products include:

- LIA - Life Inventory Assessment (click to view)

- LIS - Life Illumination System

"The experiences I've had with Maurice have enriched our lives, our relationship and brought clarity to things we would have otherwise not thought to talk about."

Brooke Storry
Film Production, Assistant Director

Life before entrepreneuring...

Before taking the leap to create and serve with Illumination Experiences, Maurice spent 12-years of loyal service doing business development and partner growth in the tech industry with iQmetrix.

At iQmetrix, he lead the creation of the partner program, where he connected relationships and opportunities that led to hundreds of contracts, millions of dollars in recurring revenue, and many, many great experiences!! 

Maurice solidified partnerships with companies that included Apple, Brightstar Corporation, Ingram Micro Mobility, and many of the other prominent tech giants of the telecommunications industry.  

Picture Right - treating a leading partner to an appreciation experience. 


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