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The dude to the right, that's me.  


My head is in the sky a lot. I really love the view up there, the air is clean, and you can see forever!

One of my favorite things to do is to bring people up there with me and look together! 

I love looking ahead and imaging different ways to make the future better.  If you like this to, I bet we'd be great friends and have lots to chat about. 


Spending too much time in the air is bad for my heart.  

To see a picture of the future and not be a part of creating it and experiencing it, causes me pain.

So, the other thing I love doing, is playing on the green grass, creating things and experiences that make my heart happy.

If you like to play and create, I bet we'd be great friends, and I wonder what we might create together? 

Here's one of my favorite quotes from Howard Thurman: 

“Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”


"He is a visionary who ties together his business savvy with his genuine love of and interest in people. Maurice exhibits a true compassion for others that comes from his genuine spirit. There is nothing put on or fake with him, he is a man of authenticity."

Rob Harder
Family Wealth Group, Partner

Some Things That I love

and how I got to loving them.

Coaching | "Entre-therapy"

Being trusted to help entrepreneurs, high-achieving professionals, and their teams to break through their barriers to access their highest purpose (while achieving incredibly fulfilling results in the process), to me is a deep honor and an expression of my way to make the world better than I left it. 


My Path To Coaching & Leadership: 

- 15-yrs in Corporate Team Development

- Certified Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner 

- Certified Life Coach (CCF) 

- Certified Extreme Leadership Facilitator

Coaching With Maurice


I love to connect with people and ideas.

Designing experiences that help people to have fun, expand their awareness, and open up to new perspectives is my JAM!    


Some experiences I've had the privilege of designing include:  

- The Extreme Leader Accelerator Mastermind Program

- The I Am Festival 

- momondays Winnipeg 

I Am Family Camp (click to view)

- Loving on Purpose - Couples Retreats


You'll also find me creating and playing on our 80-property which we call the Experience Farm, with my beautiful wife and three amazing daughters.


I love the process of creating something new, especially when it involves unlocking new ways to see how who we are and improve how we live.  


Flagship product:

- LIA - The Life Inventory Assessment (click to view)


Flagship Program:

The Experience Leader Accelerator Mastermind

Experience The Life Inventory Assessment

"The experiences I've had with Maurice have enriched our lives, our relationship and brought clarity to things we would have otherwise not thought to talk about."

Brooke Storry
Film Production, Assistant Director

Life before entrepreneurship...

Before taking the leap to create Illumination Experiences, I spent 12-years in an incredible technology corporation, doing business development and partner growth with iQmetrix.

At iQmetrix, I feel honored to have been trusted with the creation of the partner program that serves as an essential part of the business today.  I was able to use my love for connecting and creating in the development of new business relationships and opportunities, which led to significant contracts with some of the largest companies on the planet (like Apple Inc), millions of dollars in recurring revenue, and many, many great experiences!! 

The things I am most proud of and miss the most, are anchored in my love for people.  The relationships formed with the people on my teams, customers, and partnerships, remain the most cherished part of my time there.  

Picture Right - treating a leading partner to an appreciation experience. 


Superpowers of vision & creativity!

I've known Maurice for many years, including co-founding and producing the I Am Festival together.  

Maurice's has superpowers of vision and creativity! 

I admire his attention to and love for people.  Maurice has a gift to pull people into themselves for deep learning, he sees you, and its good to be seen!  

Keith Macpherson, Coach, Author, Musician 

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