Your Life Inventory Assessment

A look at your life to find clarity.

A pathway to pursue it.


IMPORTANT: Side effects from taking LIA: Your Life Inventory Assessment, may include: increases ability to see and articulate your life, increases in personal awareness, personal accountability, life options, and a personal world view of hope, self-love, and purpose. We do not take responsibility for any of these side effects, this is your life and your opportunity to seize it.

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How LIA has helped others:

Gain Perspective

"Prior to completing the inventory, I felt stuck in life. I feel as if I was dedicating time to people and things that were not adding value to my life. I now have a clarity and a plan to pursue the things in my life that fulfill my purpose."

Will Bragunier - Charleston, NC

"This is MY life"

"The Life Inventory process showed me areas of my life that I realized I needed to let go off. Within weeks of making some small changes, a whole new world opened to me."  

Krista Ford - Teulon, MB

What is LIA?

As a LIA user you receive:

  • a breakdown of your 12-life categories, and the ability to prioritize them.
  • a personalized LifeMap plotting each of your categories into your Flow, Action, Watch, or Ease zones. 
  • a review of your life categorizes against the 4 most impacting elements to your achievement and fulfillment (commitment, capability, engagement, and emotional activation).
  • LIA LifeInsights exploring your largest opportunities for more life energy and fulfillment

A no BS, easy to view and understand, look at your life, and one BIG invitation for you to take action and live it

Every Assessment Comes With

a personalized video coaching review of your results.

There is no other coaching tool, that delivers this type of profound personalized insight, directly to your inbox..

Feedback That Inspires Us

Sent from a colleague that experienced the beta version of the assessment.

What LIA is not?

  • an assessment of your personality or strengths.
  • is not therapy. 
  • is not recommend for you if you are feeling unstable.
  • is not a magic wand that will bring you happiness and success.
  • is not designed to show you a rose colored view of your life.

If your head and your heart

were to have a meeting, LIA acts like the secretary detailing the important information of your life and providing it to you in an easy to follow LifeInsights report, so you are ready to take action. 

Take the Assessment

Your Life Inventory Assessment Includes

1. Custom LifeMap
  • an elegant visual summary illustrating which life categories are in Flow States and which are exhibiting Tension.
  • a comprehensive overview and "health" assessment of the 12 major categories of your life.
  • a birds-eye visual on your life that provides a new perspective. 

2. Personalized Coaching Video of Your Results: 
  • identification of your catalyst life categories, where you can unlock the most energy and life happiness. 
  • a description of your 4 LifeZones (Flow, Action, Ease, Watch) with practical steps on how to integrate the insights into your life. 
  • insights that give language to what your intuition is trying to tell you.
  • a baseline assessment of the 4 life elements (Engagement, Capability, Commitment, & Emotional Activation) most connected with your life satisfaction. 

3. LIA Practicing Principles:
  • a description of the practicing principles that will help you get the most from your LIA results.

4. Resources Library:
  • access to resources (free and paid) to help you take immediate action.
Take Your Life Assessment

"Using this assessment has put my life and day-to-day activities and emotions into a perspective that I've needed for a while now. Being a millennial and co-founder of a technology company I often find myself inundated with so much information I easily lose focus on what's important to me. So, doing the exercise and having next steps is HUGE in better understanding myself and getting to the person that I want to be."

Brandon Brooks
Tech Entrepreneur, Musician

LIA is for you if:

  • You are looking to find clarity and make sense of competing priorities. 
  • You are looking for answers of why you are feeling stuck and unhappy. 
  • You are open to and serious about finding answers about your life.
  • You are wanting to maximize your life experience and happiness. 
  • You are willing to do the work to achieve the life-success you deserve & desire.

"Working through the Life Inventory process provided me a valuable new tool to help my partner and I navigate our conversations and relationship in a much more supportive manner. LIA brought a new language and vocabulary to understanding what makes up our individual characters. We were able to come to an alignment with our goals that we had never previously been successful at, despite many attempts. For the first time we were able to visually see the differences in our core values, and understand without judgment how to better communicate our wishes and desires in such a way that simply deepened our love and respect for our individuality. I have now been gifted with a whole new level of confidence that I am better able to cater to my partner’s true needs, not needs I was projecting, or assumed my partner needed. Areas of previous conflict just vanished, and I can truly say I am able to love myself and cherish our relationship like never before. "

Ian Gall

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes its an online assessment.

The best experience is through a desktop or tablet but you can access it with your phone.  

We use Kajabi as our website host and builder, which means you can download the Kajabi app and login with your credentials for the best mobile experience.  



  • 15-25 minutes to complete the assessment. 
  • 10-minutes to read the prep material
  • 20-30 to study your LifeInsights 
  • A lifetime of mindful integration and practice of you living your best life!!


Integration: “We may find clarity in seeing, but only continuous committed action will lead us to blissfully living the life that we desire and deserve.”

Maurice Thibodeau

LIA assessment has been constructed and reviewed by Ph.D. level experts in Clinical Psychology (Dr. Douglas Tataryn), Business Management (Dr. Chris Street), and Data Science, as well as top practitioners in Counseling, Therapy, and Life Coaching (Keith Machperson, Allison D, Alexandra Tataryn and a long list of others).

100's of customers that know themselves better because of it. 

After you take LIA, you will receive:

  • Instructions on how to interpret your LifeMap
  • Your custom LifeMap that shows your 12-life categories and the zones each falls in.
  • Your LifeInsights report showing the recommended life areas to focus on, with actionable insights on what to do next.
  • Other bonus and resources that we'd rather save to show you later!


For tracking, we recommend that you have a regular practice and peer and coaches to support you.  

We also recommend that you complete LIA at least annually.

**tracking is part of our future product vision**

Your results are secure and kept strictly confidential.  

The results are system generated and can not be accessed by others outside the direct coach(s) that may be working with you.

Your privacy is our priority:

Start with an Insight-to-Actions call (currently being provided by Maurice himself).  

From this call, you will leave with crystal clear next steps and recommendations.

Book your call by clicking here

LIA can be taken anytime, and is recommended at least once per year.   

Particularly perfect for:

  • Annual life planning and reviews
  • All times of transition (job, relationships, life phases like career transition, retirement, post graduation, marriage)
  • Time where you are experiencing confusion and life is feeling chaotic 
  • If you are considering hiring a coach, this is a perfect tool to bring with you to them

If you don't feel you receive your value, tell us why (within 30-days) and we'll return your money.

  1. If you are feeling unstable (seek the support of a professional)
  2. You don’t believe that self-reflection is a part of self-mastery.
  3. You aren't willing to do the work of integration (LIA won't serve you if you are this person). 

Yes,  corporate and group implementations can be coordinated by emailing: [email protected] 

LIA is different from other personality or psych tests in that its purpose is all around your personal clarity.  It measures your life perspective and the key elements associated with achieving your fulfillment. 

This is not a psych or personality test, it measures nothing about your strength or preferences. 

Instead it measure your perspective and the key behaviors related to your life happiness. 

It is different than other wellness tests in that it takes a comprehensive overview of all 12 categories that have been identified as the key to living a full life. 

It is different in that it measures the key LifeElements related to achieving fulfillment - just asking these questions immediately pulls you to the gaps in your life with practical answers on what to do about it.

It is different because it has the LIA Lifemap which provides a visual of your entire life: this birds eye perspective gives you a method of looking at all the pieces in a way that makes sense. 

LIA was created because we found other assessments fell into one of three categories:

  1. “Cute” usually free assessments or quiz type, seen in magazines and online forums, offering a one-dimensional view with insights that might fall into the ‘fun’ and ‘interesting’ category, but not particularly useful for anything but coffee table banter.  
  2. “Academic/Complex” assessments that go so far down the rabbit hole that you need a Ph.D. to comprehend them, they often require a book and /or a facilitator, and there are so many combinations that you won’t bring it up at coffee because you can’t recall the meaning. 
  3. “Myopic” assessments that do a decent job at measuring something very specific, they are great for the deep dive of that specific thing, but they fail to give an overview of the big picture and how or if this is the thing that matters. 

LIA is different in that it gives you what you need at the time you need it.  

Yes, part of the beauty of LIA is its simplicity.  

We purposely use language that is 'human' and accessible.  

We've spent tireless hours 'thinking' through the delivery, so you don't need a Ph.D. to map your way through it.

yes, yes, 1000 times yes.  

One of the greatest gifts of LIA is in asking you the right questions and putting them in a format and language that illuminates your life perspective.  

LIA is used by coaches with their clients for this very purpose.  

That's why we recommend taking LIA and bringing your results to a coach that will help hold you capable of stepping into the life you desire. 

Great question.  There are two ways:

  1. Solo: integrate this into your relationship by first taking the assessment (ideally while in separate spaces), and then sharing your results (with love, curiosity and acceptance). See what insights and discussion comes from it.
  2. Book the LIA insights-to-actions couples call.  This call is high impact couples coaching, I show how the LifeMaps intersect with one another, and I support you in creating relational anchor action steps, sentence stems, and activities to enjoy more flow and ease in your relationship.   

*Sneak Peak - in future versions more couples tools will be released. 

LIA's Story

LIA has been from a lifetime of seeking to live my best life and make the best decisions possible. 

During over 15-years of dedicated self-development practice, I was never quite satisfied with the level of personal development tools available. 

So, while working in close collaboration with emotional expert and psychologist Dr. Douglas J. Tataryn and his leading work on emotional health (also founder of the Bio-Emotive Framework), we have launched LIA.

LIA has a head (intellectual) and heart (emotional) balance. The questions pull out your intuitive sense of how you feel about each of 12-primary life categories, with the numeric valuations providing a practical measuring system and illuminating the highest opportunities for growth and happiness.   

Building products that help individuals and business maximize their life experience is an honor.

Maurice Thibodeau (shown left)

& Dr. Douglas J. Tataryn (right)

Personalize Coaching Review

**Shared with the permission of the awesome person this review was for**


Yulia sent an email to us after receiving her coaching note: "Hearing your feedback was a profound experience...I was in tears at the end of it...what a powerful tool the lifemap is. Thank you for all that you do."

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