Defending The Great Nation Of You

A story about the saboteurs of a great nation and what one ruler did to protect it.

The following story invites you to take on the role of the central character, a ruler of a great nation that is amidst an attack.
There are two versions of the story (each provided below), which ruler best describes you?

Act I - losing ground


Imagine you are the ruler of a great nation, you are under attack, you stand to lose your land, your rulership, and everything you’ve built a lifetime creating.  


You are hurried, you are under attack, and it's up to you to decide how to respond, your main line of defense is currently under siege, and losing ground quickly.  


On the ground, your enemy seems to be swarming from EVERYWHERE.  All angles are compromised, time is running out, soon there will be nothing left. There is too much to take in; you can’t possibly weigh all outcomes.  


You feel ...

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