Back To School Parenting: Ten Opportunities To Pay Attention To

Today, we talk back to school parenting, during "these times".  


For me, COVID 19 acted like a magnifying lens helping me to pay even closer attention to my kids’ experience. 


As parents, we want to know that our kids will be alright, and with them facing a new school reality, I had some anxiousness.  


After watching my girls leave yesterday morning, I’m pleased to say I was less anxious and most inspired. 

In our house, the first day of school felt very much the same as others. COVID has not changed or ruined it. It is different, yes. And also, in that difference, there are opportunities.


Ten Opportunities To Pay Attention To "During These Times"

  1. Opportunities to face heavy disappointments. To know that they will be hard AND that we will get through it.  
  2. Opportunities to adapt to significant changes in routine and structure, together we figure it out
  3. Opportunities to meet new...
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