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A Different Approach To Coaching

a merging of business and psychology that unleashes personal power:

  • become aware of limiting beliefs and blind-spots that are holding you back
  • build new neurological pathways that unlocks your capacity and energy to live & work better
  • thrive as a leader leading from your highest source of power
  • like getting a new operating system, you will benefit from a new way of being

"I was amazed at how fast I was able to overcome personal obstacles that stood in my way. It has changed my view on life and the way I work."

Kelly Ross
HR Professional, Author

An Integrated Approach To Leadership

Maurice brings his experience in growing business and merges this with emotional development and self-mastery expertise, delivering a coaching methodology that expands your human capacity.    

The result is a unique combination of perspective and expertise that guides you to think, process, and act from a higher human development function.

When this happens, everyone within your sphere of influence benefits.

A Coaching Methodology That Works

"Improved dramatically."

Maurice Thibodeau is a phenomenal coach. He is masterful at helping me see both the big picture and the small details of my business, as well as helping me unpack what is holding me back. As a coach, Maurice is the perfect blend of understanding and compassionate, and at the same time direct while always holding me accountable for what I need to do to move forward. My business and my life have improved dramatically since I started working with Maurice!

Alex Kajitani, Speaker, Author, Course Creator 


"Heart-led leader."

Maurice Thibodeau is one of the kindest, caring, integrous people I have ever met. His compassion and empathy and genuine love for people make him an incredible coach. He meets people where they are but will stop at nothing to get you to where you want to be in life and business.

He is a master creator, innovator, and heart-led leader and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Maria McNeill

Integrated Leadership Coaching

Raise Your Capabilities As A Leader.

Emotional Evolution


Raise your emotional capacity as a leader:

- resolve conflicts faster and with less pain

- build stronger more trusting relationships  

- be more fun to be around

- have more fun and fulfillment

Positive Intelligence (PQ)


Raise your PQ:

- have more access to your intuition

- see solutions with higher clarity 

- move through stresses faster

- feel more energy and creativity

"Maurice has provided me with a unique space to easily identify my limiting beliefs and to push them to be my best self. His coaching approach is creative and intuitive yet focused on achieving set goals. I recommend Maurice to anyone who wishes to push personal leadership boundaries and is looking to implement durable change in their life."

Chantale Ranger
Leadership Consultant, CHRP

Tools that makes a difference

Maurice spent most of his corporate career in building and uniting software technologies where he learned the importance and impact of having the right tools. When you work with him, you move fast, we use a framework for integrating action where it is most needed.

What does Integrated Leadership Mean?

- Lolly Daskal described it best -

People Who Lead From Within are leaders who want nothing more than to live their lives according to their own truths and on their own terms. They lead from a core level that resides deep within their heart – in a deeply-rooted space where their values speak of what is best within them.

People who lead from within are:

  • Leaders who live a life of commitment and fulfillment of their heart’s desires.
  • Leaders who listen to their inner self and follow their internal compass.
  • Leaders who do not speak before those whose wisdom and experience exceeds their own.
  • Leaders who are constantly renewing, receiving and reviewing life.
  • Leaders who know what is important to them.
  • Leaders who are compassionate.
  • Leaders who are courageous human beings.
  • Leaders who are believers in mankind’s gifts.
  • Leaders who learn from their mistakes.
  • Leaders who are humble.
  • Leaders who truly listen.
  • Leaders who are not in a hurry to reply.
  • Leaders who ask relevant questions.
  • Leaders who give relevant answers.
  • Leaders who are not afraid to say “I don’t know” when they are unsure.
  • Leaders who acknowledge the truth and admit error.
  • Leaders who trust and engage in their greatness.
  • Leaders who explore and acknowledge their passion and purpose.

Are you a leader in your life? How do you lead from within?

Ask Me About Custom Leadership Retreats

Leadership In The Wild
- For teams and individuals.

Ask me about designing your integrated leadership retreat.

I take you out of your environment and design an experience that opens your whole self to your role as a leader. 

This is a beyond-the-boardroom experience - scaredy cats need not apply. 

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When you work with me, you get all of me. 

Imagine having a strategic advisor, a therapist, and a friend supporting you every week with the sole purpose of helping you to execute and align to your best. Our coaching together doesn't just happen inside our scheduled time - it's an integrated approach. 


Every day I coach I am in alignment with my purpose.

I know that when leaders lead from their source (their deepest purpose, values, and creative genius), they access a silent power that enriches the lives they live.

The results are transformative and seeing those results fuels my every action.  

I look forward to working with you.

Maurice Thibodeau

Business Strategist, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Extreme Leadership Facilitator, CCF Coach, Father, Husband, Friend.

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