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Why Internal Programs Fail and How we Can Help.


"Confidently living"

"Being coached by this process changed my life and behavior 180 degrees - I'm now confidently heading and living in the right direction. 

I show up for myself and for my teammates in a way that I now know that my limiting beliefs were holding me back."

Will Bragunier - Myrtle Beach, NC, Tech Entrepreneur 


"Changed my view on life"

"I was amazed at how fast I was able to overcome personal obstacles that stood in my way. It has changed my view on life.”

Kelly Ross, HR professional, Author

"This process uncovered a new way of being for me in the world that I am deeply grateful to have been a part of."

Krista Ford
Entrepreneur, Mom

A different approach to coaching

a merging of business and psychology that unleashes personal power:

  • become aware of limiting beliefs and blind-spots that are holding you back
  • build new neurological pathways that unlocks capacity and energy 
  • thrive as a leader with a new way to process your environment emotionally
  • like getting a new operating system, you will benefit from this illuminated way of being in all areas of your life  

We are different.

Business growth meets personal growth to create a new way of being that improves all areas of your life.

Business growth and personal growth are meant to thrive together. As a leader, when you do not expand to your full capacity, the growth of business is equally restricted.

With Illumination Coaching, Maurice Thibodeau brings his experience in building growth in business (strategy, partnership and culture), and merges this with an expertise in emotional development and self-mastery, delivering a coaching methodology that expands your human capacity.    

The result, is a unique combination of perspective and expertise perfectly catered to the entrepreneur and business leader.


Beyond Leadership Coaching

a methodology that brings leaders to the source of their greatest potential.

Emotional Evolution

Building the capability of healthy emotional processing in leaders is one of the greatest opportunities in leadership development of our century.  And yet, it remains almost entirely ignored.  Not any more. 

The fact is, any business interested in building a culture of engaged workers, needs to concern themselves with employee happiness; and employee happiness is best led by leaders who have discovered what happiness is really about.   

Leaders and teams with high emotional development:

- Take extreme accountability 

- Create purpose based cultures

- Rapidly find the opportunities in conflict

- Build cohesive teams and relationships  

- Are more fun and happy to be around!

Purpose Centered Coaching Unleashes The Creative Leader


Purpose centered coaching is a methodology supporting the individual to discover and live out their highest capabilities. 

What this means for the business is:

- Inflow of creative ideas and solutions

- High energy self-motivated and self-managed individuals 

- Individuals naturally move to roles that express their highest contributions

Purpose centered coaching combines methods from corporate strategy, meditation, psychology, and personal life mastery, reuniting leaders with their creative genius.  

This is the worlds superheroes come to train

Entrepreneurs are the superhero’s of this world.

Taking risks, laying it all on the line, creating products and services that the world needs most.

The entrepreneurial path is often lonely, emotionally draining, and has unique psychological challenges and stresses.

The growth of the business is limited by the capacity of the leader. 

We help the world heroes so that they can serve the world to their highest capacity.  


A Coaching Methodology That Works

Maurice Thibodeau, creative visionary, hypnotherapist, executive coach, experience designer, creator of the Life Inventory Assessment and co-founder of the I Am Festival, Certified Extreme Leadership Facilitator, and CCF Coach, combines his training and experience to support your leadership journey with a process that works.

Book a Discovery Call

Start the process with a discovery call with Maurice. In 30 minutes or so, we take a quick inventory of your needs and goals and determine our fit. You won't regret it.

Tools that makes a difference

Maurice spent most of his corporate career in building and uniting software technologies where he learned the importance and impact that having the right tools makes for being successful.

LIA - Life Inventory Assessment

We use a proprietary assessment that gives you a tool to quickly self-assess exactly where you stand and how you are showing up in every areas of your life. 

LIA is available to you as a tool you can use on an annual basis to continuously review and evolve with your life. 

Bio-emotive Framework

Dr. Douglas J. Tataryn's life work is scripted in the Bio-emotive framework, a step-by-step process and language for evolving your emotional maturity, and in doing so, creating a way of being in the world that free's you from unhealthy stress and dis-ease.

Is This Coaching for you?

merging business growth and personal growth, they can thrive together:

  • your at the top of your game, your team, your organization, and you realize there is so much more
  • the expectations of yourself as a leader doesn't give you room to fail, you need room
  • you have no-one you feel you can turn to for support, honest advice, and direction
  • externally you are the fearless leader, internally you are screaming, it is time to face your fears
  • you live to work, you are realizing there is more, you are ready to explore how
  • your family needs you, you need them, there's still time
  • your work means more to you than a job, its time to leave build legacy 

Why Internal Programs are Destined to fail.

Most corporate wellness and development program still aren't getting the full ROI from the investments made, for these reasons:

  1. It's a push program of privilege: pushed out to employees to create ROI in the business, employees lack a personal investment, see it as privilege 
  2. It's not holistic: most programs play is safe and leave the 'personal' stuff out, an employee dev. plan that excludes the non-work life stuff and doesn't go below the surface, is like looking at an iceberg and believing that what you see above the surface is all there is.
  3. Authority puts walls around progress. Even the best managers and HR people on the planet, have an impact relationship that (even if only sub-consciously) influences the employees livelihood, this impedes the creating of an open environment with total psychological safety.
  4. Politics prevents progress: employees are sensitive (rightfully so) to their work image as it affects their livelihood and sense of security, most won't open up enough to create an environment for full personal growth.
Coach With Me

What does leading Beyond Leadership Mean?

- Lolly Daskal described it best in her Blogpost -

People Who Lead From Within are leaders who want nothing more than to live their lives according to their own truths and on their own terms. They lead from a core level that resides deep within their heart – in a deeply-rooted space where their values speak of what is best within them.

People who lead from within are:

  • Leaders who live a life of commitment and fulfillment of their heart’s desires.
  • Leaders who listen to their inner self and follow their internal compass.
  • Leaders who do not speak before those whose wisdom and experience exceeds their own.
  • Leaders who are constantly renewing, receiving and reviewing life.
  • Leaders who know what is important to them.
  • Leaders who are compassionate.
  • Leaders who are courageous human beings.
  • Leaders who are believers in mankind’s gifts.
  • Leaders who learn from their mistakes.
  • Leaders who are humble.
  • Leaders who truly listen.
  • Leaders who are not in a hurry to reply.
  • Leaders who ask relevant questions.
  • Leaders who give relevant answers.
  • Leaders who are not afraid to say “I don’t know” when they are unsure.
  • Leaders who acknowledge the truth and admit error.
  • Leaders who trust and engage in their greatness.
  • Leaders who explore and acknowledge their passion and purpose.

Are you a leader in your life? How do you lead from within?

Times have changed...

will your human development program change with it?

  • 64% of Millennial's say its a priority for them to make the world a better place
  • 79% would want a boos to serve as a mentor or coach
  • 88% prefer a collaborative work-culture rather than competitive
  • 74% want flexible work schedules
  • 88% want "work life integration", different than work-life balance, they now blend together inextricably  

Changing from 'what's in it for me' to 'how can I become the best most authentic version of myself'.  Employers that are not helping their teams and leaders to do this, are missing an essential human development need that the working world is now ready for.  

"What got you here, is not what will get you there." 



I've lived in pursuit of discovering and living out deep meaning and contribution.  I want this same thing for the leaders of influence that I work with.

When leaders lead from their source (their deepest purpose, values, and creative genius), they access a silent power that that enriches the work they do and the teams they impact. 

The results are beyond leadership, its about a lives well lived, with work as one of (but not the only) core component of what this means.  

Maurice Thibodeau

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