What happens to Happily Ever After?

Keeping your happily ever after isn’t easy,

and that's why we created 


Coming to Manitoba

May 31st - June 2nd, 2019
Lakeview Gimli Resort

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(meals and hotel not included)

a weekend for couples to write your own happily ever after.   

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Has it been years since those butterflies lit you up? Have you stopped noticing each other? Maybe stopped appreciating each other?

You aren't alone.

Couples spend more time working on their laundry than investing time in a maintaining their love relationship.

But if the love relationship is one of the most important parts of a fulfilled life - what can couples do to keep their love alive?

It has to be Intentional.

It has to be about Loving on Purpose.

a schedule that will change your life...

create new possibilities for how you experience love.

Your Facilitators

Alexandra Tataryn

Communications and conflict expert, Ali brings the practice expression as she teaches how to fight back to love.

Maurice Thibodeau

Co-creator of the Loving on Purpose process, Maurice brings the strategic planning concepts from the boardroom to the bedroom. (It's way sexier than that).

Darlene Tataryn

As a long time Meditation instructor and Counsellor with an Expressive Therapy Bias, Darlene navigates the disciplines to help couples with healthy ego integration. 

Tracy Thibodeau

Co-creator of the Loving on Purpose process and past host of Relationship Wealth TV, Tracy hosts the weekend helping couples connect and keep it fun.

"The (Couples Retreat) experience enriched our relationship, and brought clarity to things we would have otherwise not thought to talk about. I since have been recommending the (program) to all my friends! "

Brooke Storry & Eric Zachonowich
Married, 2018

What to expect:

Deepen Your Connection

This weekend represents you both taking the time to invest in each-other. Spending a weekend getting to (re)know each other and strengthen your love. 

Have Fun!

It's not a retreat if you aren't having some fun! We know the importance of play and we've got it planned, you don't have to think about a thing (pre-agenda hint - music will be involved)! 

Time for you to connect includes  having the opportunity to let loose and relax at the gorgeous lake-front hotel.

REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED: access the FREE Training and get updates on future events

Level up your Relationship

The height you go
depends on what you know.

Don't fall into the myth that love should "just happen". There are real skills and tools you can use to be your best. We bring it to you from experience, in a fun and inviting way.

"We went through the one day version of this program in 2016 and it was a powerful experience for our relationship. Life moves so fast with the kids and work, so to take a breath and concentrate on just us, gave us important time and perspective. We are grateful to have gone through this."

Eric and Juli Cox, Winnipeg
Married, 2 kids

Where it all began...

It never made sense to me that we take one the greatest challenges of our lives and the greatest opportunities of our lives, and we invest so little into it.  

Which is why I hoodwinked my fiancee into coming on a retreat with me. I wanted to introduce her to the vision and values exercises I had been learning in business and applying to my life, and that I wanted to be a part of our life. Yes, it wasn't the retreat she had in mind.

Today, 3-kids, 2-major moves, 3 career changes, and 15-years later, we've been doing at least one retreat together every year since. Taking an intentional approach to create the marriage we desire has been instrumental in our relationship and our lives.

Now, with a whole lot more training, real-world experience, and joining a wonderful team of experts, we’re inviting you to join us.

Whether it be your first retreat or your 21st, this will be a weekend to remember

Hope to see you there.

Maurice Thibodeau

Hosted in a beautiful getaway location, you'll spend two and a half days connecting with your lover in ways that will move your relationship to new heights. 

Come to this weekend if:

  • You Want More: You may be asking, "is this it?". Your love relationship isn't what you know it can be. You want more and you are committed to getting it. You deserve great love.

  • You Want Relationship Success: you are in a committed relationship and you want it to last. You are looking for a current and real perspective on how to  build a lasting love relationship!  

  • You Want Community: not all couples are created equal, you want to connect and learn from people interested in growing amazing relationships.  
  • You Want Time Together: Your love relationship is cruising along, you are fulfilled, and you believe in investing in your relationship to keep it that way. 

"The process brought a new language and vocabulary to understanding what makes up our individual characters; it helped us come to an alignment with our goals that we had never previously been successful at, despite many attempts. For the first time we were able to visually see the differences in our core values, and understand without judgment how to better communicate our wishes and desires in such a way that simply deepened our love and respect for our individuality. I have now been gifted with a whole new level of confidence that I am better able to cater to my partner’s true needs, not needs I was projecting, or assumed my partner needed. Areas of previous conflict just vanished, and I can truly say I am able to love myself and cherish our relationship like never before. "

Ian Gall

Built to Last: love that stands the test of time

Two people decide to build a life together and set out on the ultimate journey. Life can get in the way, causing it's ups and downs and some times that connection wavers. A love relationship needs attention and intention to keep it cruising. A weekend of Loving on Purpose provides the intention and the connection to know how to bring it back on course. 

REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED: access the FREE Training and get updates on future events

Harness the Power of Emotion

Most of us have grown up with no language to manage or fully understand our emotions. Yet, most of our behavior is tied back to how we feel. That's a major gap that prevents us from being able to fully show up in a love relationship.

Anger, stress and fear can burrow holes in a love relationship when partners don't know how to talk about them. 

We will be demystifying emotions from the foremost experts on the topic - delivered with energy from learned experience.

Fight for Love

Disagreements are part of any relationship but they don't have to be a source of love deterioration. During this weekend you'll learn how to fight back to love and come out of those moments feeling more connected.  


psssst there may even be some tips on how to improve the make-up sex!!

Lakeview Hotel & Resort, Gimli, MB

With a beautiful beach just steps away from your room, you’ll wonder why you’re not here more often. Enjoy some peace and quiet or an exciting adventure in Gimli, an Icelandic town full of history. You’ll enjoy a resort that’s packed with thoughtful features, wonderful amenities, and a small-town charm. Join us here for a family vacation or quiet retreat all year round.

And while in Gimli - Beaches, festivals and dining - the adventures in GimliManitoba are endless. Learn the viking history of the area, enjoy the modern culture of the this lakeside .

*Note: Food and accommodations are not included in registration. Group rates are available by calling the Lakeview Hotel & Resort


Loving on Purpose

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May 31st - June 2nd, 2019
Lakeview Gimli Resort
Gimli, MB


It's time to protect and celebrate the love that you deserve.

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