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We've been doing this for over 17-years! 


Yup, that young couple there is us, 17-years ago during one of our first planning retreats!


Every year, since, we've been going through an intentional process to reflect on our past and plan for our future. 


This process has served us in so many ways.


Some years, it's been foundational in keeping us together, surviving through all the stuff that life brings us. 


Other years, it has helped us to truly thrive, focussing on what's most important to achieve some incredible things.  


We've developed the process to the point that it works fast.


We'll be sharing the exact format we use complete with the worksheets and templates. 


Maurice and Tracy Thibodeau

The Power Of A Planning Process.

Have a plan that prioritizes what you want and how you are going to create it.

Give yourself space to learn from the past. 

Set the clear direction of your future. 

Day 1 - Reflect, Review, Release

 Jan 2nd, 11am-3PM CST

The life planning process is divided into two equally important parts. 


On day 1, we will walk through and honor where we've been. 

2021 has been a year with so much to reflect on and release. 

Together we will celebrate, learn, and let go of what we no longer need.  

  • 11-12:30 Session 1 
    •  Celebrate & Activate Gratitude 
  • 12:30-2:00 Session 2
    • Capture Learning, Release & Make Room
  • 2-3:00 Session 3
    • Taking A Life Inventory (we will be using the powerful Life Mapping process of LIA).
life wheel

The Power Of A Planning Process.

Form a plan that aligns your actions with your values, gifts, and goals. 

Anticipate the barriers that could get in the way.

Set up systems that serve you to succeed.

life wheel

Day 2 - Casting and Activating Your Vision.

 Jan. 9th, 11:00-3:00 CST


On day 2, having reflected and processed the past, we are now ready to step fully into creating the vision for 2022. 

In this vision and goal-setting process, move quickly from imagining to activating what is possible. We will leave having already started the activation process. 

  • 11:00-12:15 Session 1 
    •  Activating clarity, daring to dream, focusing energy on where it matters most.
  • 12:30-2:00 Session 2
    • Clearing the way for the vision to take place
    • Moving saboteurs to allies
  • 2-3:00 Session 3
    • Activating Commitment
    • Creating systems that serve.
    • Details matter.
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 "Living with purpose is the daily expression of living our highest values, and our greatest gifts."

"I am completely, totally, 100% advocating that you and everyone else in the world should take this program!"

Ali Tataryn - Artist, Coach, Entrepreneur



Tracy and Maurice


Business nerd, strategist, dreamer, life coach certified as a master hypnotherapist. (Maurice)


Action-oriented, project planner (PMP), with a tenacious drive to succeed, Certified Coach (Erickson Coaching), and Canadian Mental Health Association Program Facilitator. (Tracy)


Share their planning process, bringing you the power of vision and the practicality of action. 


Plan 2022 With Us

Planning 2022 Together.

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2022 Is Your Year

  • Two-day live planning workshop.  
  • Downloads of our templates and planning worksheets.
  • Take the Life Inventory Assessment with an interactive Life Map (value $97.00).
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Bye-bye 2021

  • Review, reflect, and release 2021.
  • Clear, focused plan for 2022.
  • Together we support each other to activate our intentions.


2022 - Yours To Make.


Join us in planning a fulfilling 2022.

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