Life Inventory Assessment Certification Training For Coaches and HR Professionals

This is a certification training program that will improve your practice, accelerate your impact, and up-level your skills as a coach or therapist. 

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Coaches comments on using LIA:


I have been coaching, advising, and mentoring leaders for the better part of my thirty year career, and I find that using the LIA helps me to partner with clients and more quickly zero in to help them to find focus, and to reveal patterns and blind spots. 

-Lisa Anna Palmer - Founder & CEO Light Your Leadership

 I find the LIA tool to be extraordinarily well-constructed and powerfully useful. The tool combines quantitative input, an accessible graphic output, and nuanced intuitive opportunity.

-Dave Klaus, Coach, Consultant 


I found the training insightful as well as thorough and can see how it can benefit the coaching profession as it serve clients in a way that would best help them make massive changes in their lives.

-LoriKay Coleman, Wellness Coach



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From the founder:

Help clients see themselves like they’ve never seen themselves before.



The Life Map - the tool to use to know your clients.

As a LIA Certified Coach, you have access to use the LIA: Life Inventory Assessment to zero in on the areas of highest impact for your clients. Offer your clients an opportunity to have their own LIA: Life Map to gain valuable insights into their life alignment.

Gain valuable client insights through the interactive life map. The main life map view shows the 13 life categories and their relative priority and state of fulfillment. Drilling in to any of the life categories will reveal the 5 wellbeing measures, each with the ability to drill down even further to gain rich insight into a client's state of wellbeing.  


Dr. Douglas Tataryn 

Dr. Doug, PH.D. in clinical psychology, has over 28 years experience in direct client practice. His work today includes serving high-value life coaching clients. As a veteran practitioner with a systems approach, he is intensively methodical in choosing what tools he adopts. In this video, he shares how he is using LIA to help his clients create life visions.  



Barbara speaks about her experience using LIA with people going through life transitions both young and old. 


Karen Nelson - Internal Corporate Performance & Wellness Coach

As a corporate coach, Karen feels like she is providing her highest value to the company and the employees when she is able to connect with them at a level that is beyond work -- a level that helps them achieve higher satisfaction in life. Karen is using the Life Inventory Assessment to open up the most important conversations with the people she serves.

Clayton Caswell - Erickson Trained Internal Corporate Coach & Facilitator 

Clayton experienced the Life Inventory Assessment as a 'treasure trove' to deepen his connection and exploration with clients in an extraordinary way. 


Use LIA to collaborate with world-class transformational leaders:


Debra Poneman, Transformational Leader, Founder of YES To Success.
"It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I’m sharing my experience of partnering with Maurice Thibodeau. Maurice's contribution to my Yes to Success program was nothing short of extraordinary. His expertise in developing the Life Inventory Assessment, showcased during a session with over 400 members of my YTS community, brought a new dimension to our journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
-Debra Poneman

Used by world-leading transformationalists:


Maurice's work is transformational. The Life Inventory Assessment gave our group of 400+ people an incredible roadmap to see the parts of their lives that needed the most healing, and everyone loved it. Maurice's approach is a blend of business-savvy and compassionate coach. He makes everyone feel safe, seen, and heard and gets right to the heart of the matter to make a big change in a short amount of time with people from all walks of life. Highly recommended.

-Justin Michael Williams, Author, Speaker, Top 20 Recording Artist

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Course Outline

In the Life Inventory Assessment (LIA) coach training program, participants learn how to use the LIA assessment to accurately and effectively evaluative the well-being of the people they work with. Coaches that become proficient in using this tool help their clients to achieve higher performance, stronger mental health, and a better quality of life. The Life Inventory Assessment helps address major mental wellness and engagement challenges by helping people to find primary areas of focus and take action to improve. Aligned, purpose-driven individuals are more engaged and connected to their work and communities. 

The certification program uses a combination of effective adult learning modalities. Each major learning section has the following components:

  • In-class facilitator-led¬†

  • In-class peer partner practice¬†

  • Online virtual learning delivered through micro-learning segments of video, graphics, and text

  • Knowledge quizzes

  • Assignments¬†

As a participant, you will receive 12 hours of in-class training, with approximately 12 hours of self-led homework and assignments, all preparing you to competently use the Life Inventory Assessment to help others enjoy a higher quality of life.

FALL 2024 Class Schedule

  • Oct. 29th: 6:30-8:30 CST
  • Oct.¬†31st:¬†6:30-8:30 CST
  • Nov. 5th:¬†6:30-8:30 CST
  • Nov. 7th:¬†6:30-8:30 CST
  • Nov. 12th:¬†6:30-8:30 CST
  • Nov. 14th:¬†6:30-8:30 CST
  • Nov. 19th:¬†6:30-8:30 CST¬†
  • Nov. 21st:¬†6:30-8:30 CST

Session 1 - The State Of Well-being

Instructor Led 6:30-8:30 PM

Activities & Assignments - 1hr

- participants understand the origin story of the work, the purpose of each of the LIA questions, the current state of well-being, and the goals, requirements, and expectations of the program.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Participants can identify the key sources of dissatisfaction and dysfunction.
  2. Participants can accurately cite the origin story of the assessment.
  3. Participants experience the Life Inventory Assessment and review their own results.
  4. Participants learn the science behind each of the questions in the Life Inventory Assessment and can explain the significance of each.
  5. Participants understand the technologies required for this certification.
  6. Participants bond as a learning cohort. 

Session 2 - Introducing The Life Map Review Process

Instructor Led 6:30-8:30 CST

Activities & Assignments - 2hrs

Description - participants can effectively navigate the main elements of the life map, can introduce the review goals and process, and create a safe space between them and the client. 

Learning outcomes:

  1. Participants can introduce the process of reflection and review effectively.
  2. Participants can effectively establish client rapport, creating a safe and trusting environment. 
  3. Participants can demonstrate the three guiding principles.
  4. Participants can effectively share the goals of the process.
  5. Participants can effectively partner with the client and establish client goals.
  6. Participants effectively demonstrate the ability to name, navigate and explain the essential components of the Life Map.
  7. Participants learn the technologies, logins, tips, and tricks to effective Life Map navigation.

Session 3 - Reading Life Map - Initial Insights & Intuition

Instructor Led 6:30-8:30 pm 

Activities & Assignments - 3hrs

Description - effectively using the Life Map to guide insights and discovery.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Participants can explain the analogy of “knowing where to tap,” understanding the impact of focus.
  2. Participants can explain the impact and influence of energy and anchor appropriate insights to the client's Life Map.
  3. Participants can demonstrate using open-ended questions and expanded language while exploring insights.
  4. Participants can effectively identify Life Categories of focus (areas of focus) to guide action.
  5. Participants can effectively highlight the impact of pervasive categories.
  6. Participants can effectively identify connections between Life Categories.
  7. Participants can effectively partner with the client for appropriate context and next steps.

Session 4 - The 5 Well-being Measures

Instructor Led 6:30-8:30

Activities & Assignments - 3hrs

Description - effectively using the well-being measures to guide insights, discover, and take responsible next actions.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Participants appropriately and accurately describe each well-being health measure.  
  2. Participants appropriately follow patterns and anomalies as presented in the gauges and graphs.  
  3. Participants effectively identify the most useful life categories to spend time on.
  4. Participants effectively highlight the impact of pervasive categories.
  5. Participants effectively identify and explore connections between Life Categories.
  6. Participants effectively use and describe the in-app coaching direction and texts.
  7. Participants partner with the client, asking expansive questions to validate direction.

Session 5 - Coaching Direction & Actions To Improve Quality Of Life

Instructor Led 6:30-8:30 PM

Activities & Assignments - 3hrs

Description - participants can effectively use the Life Map, well-being measures, and graphs together to guide responsible actions to achieve a higher quality of life, client engagement, and fulfillment.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Participants effectively name and describe the four key areas of coaching influence: Vision, Capability, Energy, and Commitment
  2. Participants effectively identify the highest impact coaching directions for client context. 
  3. Participants effectively use the Life Map, Well-being Health Measures, & Graphs to identify target areas of focus, blindspots, and insights. 
  4. Participants effectively identify the root causes of dissatisfied and dysfunctional states of being.
  5. Participants demonstrate using open-ended questions and expanded language while exploring insights.
  6. Participants effectively guide the client to 1-3 responsible SMART action commitments.
  7. Participant effectively close review with evaluation against goals.

Session 6 - Using LIA In Your Work

Instructor Led 6:30-8:30 PM

Activities & Assignments - 3hrs

Description - how to use and leverage the expertise you’ve gained with LIA as a tool for helping people improve their quality of life. Examples, methods, and practical application of using LIA in coaching practice and corporate environments.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Participants develop an IMPACT plan on how to use LIA in their work. 
  2. Participants are inspired by new ideas and ways to utilize the work.

Bea Pole-Bokor - Professional Media & Mindset Coach

As a private practice coach Bea plan to use the Life Inventory Assessment as a supplement in her training and coaching programs.


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Certificate Awarded Upon Successful Completion


Maurice Thibodeau 

Maurice Thibodeau is the lead trainer, founder, and co-creator of the Life Inventory Assessment. 

Maurice has spoken and led workshops at leadership summits, Universities, corporations, and festivals, and one of his favorite things to do is guide people through transformational retreats. He lives on a playground of 80-acres of bush and trails an hour North of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He lives there with his amazing wife, his infuriatingly lovable teenage daughters, and a host of pets and critters. 

Maurice is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, is a CCF Life Coach, the lead facilitator and co-creator of the Extreme Leadership Institute's Mastermind program, and co-founder of one of Manitoba’s most transformative wellness experiences, the I Am Festival.  

Maurice uniquely connects and creates a safe space for people to explore all aspects of who they are. He matches that with a creative genius and tenacity for finding solutions - ultimately helping those he works with to live better. Maurice’s visionary models and balanced approach provide a powerful and practical approach to experiencing life fulfillment.

"As an instructor, Maurice is highly engaging, thorough, calming and a great teacher. He is a role model for how to provide feedback from a place of caring to promote growth of participants and creates a safe space for learning and experimenting."  Lisa Anna Palmer, Author, Speaker, CEO at Light Your Leadership Inc.

Dr. Douglas Tataryn 

Dr. Douglas Tataryn is an advising co-creator of the Life Inventory Assessment. 

Dr. Tataryn received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1991 from the University of Arizona. He was research methodologist and statistician for 20 years and left his position as a professor at the University of Manitoba in 2001 (faculties of Medicine and Nursing) to become a full time clinician and performance coach.

He is also also a long-time meditator (45+ years) and the founder of the Bio-Emotive Framework. He conducts seminars in it, integral theory, sports psychology, and the integration of psychology and spirituality.

He is presently working with advanced meditators and spiritual teachers, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes on removing emotional barriers to goals and helping them live a healthy and balanced life.

Dr. Tataryn does his coaching work using his own version of Integral Theory (EBIQ Integral-presented at the 2010 Integral Theory conference) and the Four Facets Model of Human Transformation. He is integrating LIA with EBIQ Integral to map and help people actualize their life's vision and live more happy and fulfilling lives.

Dr. Doug continues to serve as a board advisor, makes guest appearances in the LIA community, and will be working to help evolve the LIA platform to continue the mission to be the most valuable coaching tool in the world to coaches and therapist. 



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