The Details Of Your Life Revealed With Complete Clarity

Reveal Your Blind Spots & Increase Your Quality Of Life

The Life Inventory Assessment helps you to:

1. Find your highest opportunities to have more energy.

2. See your gaps and use your time more effectively.

3. Reveal your blind spots and take precise action.

4. Be more engaged, present, and alive.


This assessment provides a unique view of your life as you've never seen it before.

Gain The Power Of Awareness


Socrates said, "A life unexamined, is not worth living."

When you live in high awareness you put yourself in the drivers seat of your life.

You are most able to design your life to experience joy, and create meaningful impact.


The Life Inventory Assessment brings you deeper awareness, allowing you to see all the aspects of your life in a single view.



Awareness trap wheel

Awareness Offers Power

Life Wheel - Center of Attention and Growth

Use AWARENESS to design and define.  

Walt Disney said: "When your values are clear, your decisions are easy."


In this self-assessment, by asking the right deep dive questions, you quickly gain awareness that helps you make better life decisions. 

When you are clear on what you value most, that knowledge becomes your power.

The Life Inventory Assessment helps you to tap into that power.

  • Identify Your Highest Areas For Growth 
  • See The Parts Of Your Life That Are Most In & Out of Alignment 
  • Get Direct Life Insights On Where To Go Next
Alexandra Tataryn review

Alexandra Tataryn

Artist, Coach, Entrepreneur - Winnipeg, MB

"This process is unbelievable. Usually things like this are really cool and energizing, but the buzz wears off. This process is easily one of the most useful life mapping tools I've ever seen."

Joseph Cash, PhD.

Director of School Performance at Mountain Education Charter High School

"This was a wonderful confirmation of those things tha have shifting around in my life. The area that I most need to massage and take proactive steps to is one that I have largely avoided and even prided myself in over-focusing in other areas. I see this as a nudge towards necessary recalibration. I highly recommend this instrument."

 "Living with purpose is the daily expression of living our highest values, and our greatest gifts."


See how the Life Map Experience changes lives.

Client stories video.

Option 1: Life Mapping Coaching Session With Maurice

Recommended. There is no better way to experience this tool. 

Life Mapping Session With Maurice

$497.00 US

  • A Unique & Complete View Of Your Life That Is Rare To Attain

  • Guided Coaching To Reveal Your Patterns, Blindspots, and Greatest Areas To Improve Quality Of Life

  • Includes an emotional processing step-by-step guidebook from  NEDERA Guide by Dr. Douglas Tataryn, Phd. Clinical Psychologist and researcher.

Experience A Complete Review Of Your Life

  • See the details of your life with precision, giving yourself a clear perspective of where to go next.  
  • Find the highest opportunities AND the specific next steps to experience a higher quality of life. 
  • Skip the lengthy process of explaining your life to a coach/therapist - do this first and use the results to accelerate your path. 

Option 2: Assessment - Self Pace

Best For Those With A Well Established Life Review Process Or Already Working Directly With A Certified Life Assessment Coach. 

Assessment Self-Pace


  • View Your Life Through The Unique Lens Of Interactive Life Map.
  • See which areas of your life are in FLOW & EASE, and which areas need the most attention.
  • Includes an emotional processing step-by-step guidebook from  NEDERA Guide by Dr. Douglas Tataryn, Phd. Clinical Psychologist and researcher.
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What people are saying

Krista Ford

Paramedic, Mom, Entrepreneur

"I discovered areas of my life that I realized I needed to let go of.
Within weeks of making some small changes, a whole new world opened for me"

Kellie Ross

HR Professional, Author

"It has changed my view on life and given me the strength to work towards being seen."

Living My Highest Contribution

Maurice Thibodeau - on how this process came to be.

Making the right decisions in my life since from a very early age has become a type of obsession.

Over the course of 15 years, I've had the privilege of opportunities, guides, training, and experiences that allowed me to dive deep to understanding who I am and intentionally activating that in my life.

Through spending 10's of thousands of dollars, attending 100's of conferences and retreats around the world, co-founding a wellness festival, training and coaching in leadership development, and in the process of becoming a master hypnotherapist (just for fun), I've developed an intimate sense of what's involved in living and expressing a life of purpose.

When I left made the decision to leave an incredible corporate career in 2018, it was because I had a self-reflective practice that allowed me to understand why I was no longer happy.

The world I want to raise my daughters in, and the people I want to surround my life around, are those that are living the fullest expression of themselves.

I believe that when we learn to live in alignment with who we are, and what we have to give, everyone wins. The Life Activation Process is designed to help create the world I want to live in. It's my selfish contribution to doing what I think matters most in the way that I believe we bring people the furthest the fastest.

And this is just the beginning.

Maurice Thibodeau
Dr. Doug Tataryn

Integrating How We Feel Into How We Experience Life - Dr. Doug Tataryn 

Dr. Tataryn received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1991 from the University of Arizona. He was research methodologist and statistician for 20 years and left his position as a professor at the University of Manitoba in 2001 (faculties of Medicine and Nursing) to become a full time clinician and performance coach.

He is also also a long-time meditator (45+ years) and the founder of the Bio-Emotive Framework. He conducts seminars in it, integral theory, sports psychology, and the integration of psychology and spirituality and becoming a popular guest of podcast platforms and radio networks.

His Bio-Emotive Team is creating online emotional training programs for people around the world, and prior to Covid-19 Dr. Tataryn travelled internationally to host workshop intensives. He is presently working with advanced meditators and spiritual teachers, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes on removing emotional barriers to goals and helping them live a healthy and balanced life.

Dr. Tataryn does his coaching work using his own version of Integral Theory (EBIQ Integral-presented at the 2010 Integral Theory conference) and the Four Facets Model of Human Transformation. He is integrating LIA with EBIQ Integral to map and help people actualize their life's vision and live more happy and fulfilling lives.

Will Bragunier

Sales & Marketing Manager

"Prior to completing LIA, I felt stuck in life. I feel as if I was dedicating time to people and things that were not adding value to my life. I now have a clarity and a plan to pursue the things in my life that fulfill my purpose."

Ian Gall


"Working through the life inventory process helped my partner and I, for the first time, come into alignements with our goals and visually see the differences in our core values. We now understand how to better communicate our wishes and desires in a way that deepens love and respect for our individuality."

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