Do you feel like you're doing everything and still getting nowhere?

Chances are one of these 4 life success elements is missing.  

  • Clarity
  • Confidence 
  • Community 
  • Commitment

Are you feeling dissatisfied with certain parts of your life?

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My Path To Learning About These 4 Life Success Elements.

by Maurice Thibodeau

In 2018, I left my corporate job, in pursuit of creating and experiencing a higher contribution.  

At the time, I thought my path would lead to me being in a corporate training environment of some kind, after all, I'd been studying and building business for over 15 years.  
I came to discover that my business passion, was more accurately my passion for creation.  The CREATION process of matching idea, with need and opportunity, was what kept me engaged and loving my job for nearly 12 years.  Developing Business was simply my vehicle for the opportunity to create. 
Inside a growing company, when my ability to create at the speed I desired dwindled, so did my drive to continue.  
Eventually, I mustered up the courage to leave. Ahyo! To grand new adventures.
Bright-eyed on my new island of opportunity, I set to discover what future I would create.
I tried my hand at a tech start-up.  Loved the people, loved the energy, but was too early in the process and I wasn't willing to go all in. 
Took on some personal coaching clients.  Loved the people, loved the process of creating impact, I couldn't imagine doing this all day, every day, it felt too slow and there had to be a better way.  
I became the co-host of speakers series where I curated evenings of connection.  Loved the people, loved the challenge of taking the stage, but the worrying of people showing up every month and the process of relentlessly asking took more from us than it gave.  
I became a certified hypnotherapist. Loved the people, loved the knowledge and depth of personal discovery, loved the wide application in all aspects of my life, yet knew this would be a life tool and not my career.  
As the weeks turned into months, almost 16 months later, after a few starts, I realized that I had something to offer that could change the landscape and serve in a tremendous way. 
I'm nearly finished the product that will give people the gift of life perspective. It's a process I've been following for over 15 years and its given me the confidence and language to make major life decisions.  
I call her LIA - the Life inventory Assessment.  
LIA would never have come to life it if weren't for my painstaking pursuit to find clarity, for my vulnerable willingness to face my fears and find my confidence (over and over again), for the love, support, teaching and guidance I got from my community (my wife, parents, teachers, and a few close friends), and from the commitment of time, money, sweat, and tears I put out to move it forward.  
This guide gives a summary of what I've been learning my whole life and how I've recently found the words to describe
Here's to you finding your:
Clarity, Confidence, Community, and Commitment. 
Life Tools Creator I
Coach to Creators and Entrepreneurs 

The 4 Essential Life Success Elements.

Understanding each of these elements transformed my  perspective and helped me come awake to my greatest life opportunities.

I wish the same for you.

The 4 Essential Life Success Elements.


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