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The Life Inventory Assessment 


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Your Clarity Tool Is Here! 

After two years of building, I'm excited to officially launch the Life Inventory Assessment; a five-dimensional life assessment, co-created with Dr. Douglas Tataryn, that once completed:

  • brings you a clear picture of your life;
  • an honest view of your fulfillment gaps;
  • a focus point showing where you have the most significant opportunities to raise your quality of life;
  • and direct insights into the blindspots, mindset, and habits that are working against you from achieving your life desires. 


Because you can't be where you can't see.


How do you get CLARITY when you are managing 

"all the things"?

Maybe you've been looking in the WRONG places?

Perhaps you've tried a bunch of things already, like courses, books, programs, and more free webinars that you can shake a stick at. You've looked here and there and everywhere, and you feel frustrated in being no closer to what you are looking for.  

The result leaves you feeling even more overwhelmed and more frustrated than where you started. Maybe also feeling like something is wrong with you, as you read all the testimonials and wonder, "Why not me?"  


Instead of looking outside, what if you looked inside?

I'm sick and tired of seeing solutions that offer the magic thing that you need to move forward in your life.

There is no one magic thing, and the reality is it will be different for everybody.


It's time to look on the inside first, instead of reaching for the easy, external, solution.

 It's time to S-L-O-W down long enough to find clarity of what's missing.


No matter what is happening in the world, looking within, and getting clarity of who you are and what's most important will serve you to make better choices.  


CLARITY is what the Life Inventory Assessment is all about!

When you are asked the right questions, the answers illuminate an important picture of the life you are living.  

With this assessment, you get direct, objective, coaching feedback on the patterns revealed in your results - guiding you to appropriate insights and action. 


Here's how the assessment works: 

The Life Inventory Assessment is a comprehensive online diagnostic tool that organizes and measures each of your 12 life categories on five key elements, giving insight into:  

  •  How aligned you are in how you spend your time.
  •  Your capacity to achieve what you desire.
  •  How you are showing up to your life opportunity.
  •  The state of your emotional health.
  •  And what your current level of fulfillment is.

The 12 life categories are:  Work, Health & Fitness, Leisure, Finance, Spiritual Life, Parenting, Love, Social Life, Creative & Intellectual Talent, Social Contribution, & Extended Family. 


Life can be complicated. 

So many things to balance with 

complex relationships to navigate.  


The Life Inventory Assessment is a life tool that helps you put it into perspective


AND what makes this assessment unique is

You receive direct objective feedback from a qualified life coach on the patterns and insights revealed from your assessment

Getting high impact coaching has never been more accessible. 



How do I take it?  

Step 1: Take The Online Assessment

Once completed, you'll receive immediate insight into your life categories.  

Step 2: Receive Professional Coaching Feedback:

Within 72 hours of completing your online assessment, you will receive a personal coaching video from a qualified life coach that directly provides insight across the six measures: Time, Capacity, Engagement, Emotional State, and Fulfillment.  A sample of the life dashboard measuring each of these is shown directly below.  

Get Your Life Inventory Assessment

In your coaching review, the measures of each of your life categories are reviewed in a life dashboard. Your coach will give you insights into the observable patterns of your results, and provide direct suggestions on where to go next.

The purpose of your coaching video is to show behavioral patterns and blind spots that give you specific, actionable feedback most likely to move you forward.


You receive this high impact, feedback directly to your inbox.

Getting Clear On What You Are You Missing?


It is easy to get caught up spinning and spending on solutions that don't move you forward when you aren't clear on what's missing. 

Knowing where to focus your vital energy and your resources have an essential impact on how far that energy will take you.  

The one constant among all the options of learning and resources available right now is YOU.  

In the Life Inventory Assessment, you take a precise measure of your life with an objective, qualified, voice guiding you to what those measures show.

This gives you a clear picture of where to focus

The Life Inventory Assessment is for you if:


You believe in a mindful approach to life;

  • you are ready to steer your life into the direction you desire.

You know you can show up with more vitality than you are today;

  • you'd like to reveal more about how

You know there is more in you than the life you are living;

  • and you want it.


You are interested in taking an honest view of your life  and you are ready to find patterns that will help you step into it.


The patterns and blindspots most commonly revealed are around the health of:

Mental & Emotional States:

the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs guiding your life. 


your skills and abilities to achieve


how you spend your time. 


your ability to be fully focussed and present.


your current support systems and resources.

In the Life Inventory Assessment, your patterns become so illuminated, that they can't be ignored

When you are willing to face how you are showing up to your life today, it gives you the perspective to know where and how to expand your possibilities. 

"In any given moment we have two choices: to step forward into growth, or back into safety."  

Abraham Maslow

Why Take This Now? 

If you fit into any one of the below categories, now is a good time to have this tool work for you:

You are at a Crossroads 

If you are experiencing an unexpected event or disruption in your life, such as: 

  • a career change or job loss;
  • preparing for retirement;
  • getting married or divorced; 
  • a health diagnosis/sudden illness;
  • unsure about making a significant move or relocation. 

"A life tool that helps organize the chaos and gives you clear direction," is music to your distressed ears.   

You Are Dedicated To Personal Growth and Transformation

You want to bring more of your best self to the world, and you already know that growing from the inside out is the best path there.  

  • you love new personal development tools;
  • reflection and awareness are a part of who you are;
  • you are continually learning, exploring, and investing in you.   

"A life tool that optimizes your process and deepens your self-reflection," is the music to your self-development ears.   

You Are Lost & Looking


You know there is more, you can feel it, but you aren't clear of where to find it. 

  • It feels like there is a hole - something missing - in your life and it needs to be filled;
  • you sometimes wonder, "Whose life am I living, and how did I get here?"
  • finding the answers feels daunting and overwhelming;
  • you are afraid of making the wrong decisions;
  • you think you should be further than you are; 

"Grounded direction and honest feedback accessible without leaving your home," is the music to your restless ears.

 But Does This Actually Work?


The Life Inventory Assessment

$197.00 US

Includes a Personalized Coaching Video

  • identify the greatest opportunities to raise your quality of life
  • illuminate blind spots and fears with direct, objective, expert coaching insight
  • gain precise awareness of where and why you are where you are
  • have a framework to track your progress across each life category
Get your Life Inventory Assessment


9 reasons why users love the Life Inventory Assessment

  1. Accessible cost: under $200.00
  2. Low time investment: under 20 minutes to complete 
  3. Direct, objective, coaching insights directly from a professional 
  4. No need to leave your home, no appointment required
  5. The clarity of the life map image
  6. No-pressure options for additional support
  7. The ability to track life progress over time
  8. A useful tool to help me understand my partner (great for couples work).
  9. The compassionate approach to progress and personal development.

An honest look at your life with an immense invitation to step into.  


What happens next is up to you.

Get your LIA: Life Inventory Assessment Now

At A Crossroad?

Perfect for times of transition, change, and crisis. Gives you objective feedback of the current state and pointed directional advice.

Growth & Transformation

You are looking to reflect and optimize your life opportunity. Great for annual reflection, personal retreats, goal-setting, and life planning.

Lost & Looking

You aren’t clear where to take action or of what to do next.  Ideal for those that are spinning and feeling overwhelmed, an easy and quick way to get grounded and explore the big questions. 

How The Assessment Came To Be

The Life Inventory Assessment has been built from a lifetime of examining how to live my best life. 
After I made the huge life decision to leave my corporate career in 2018, I knew clearly that I wanted to use my gifts to do something significant, something that could impact people (and, eventually businesses), to experience more of life, and more of the inherent talents and gifts in each one of us.
During over 17-years of dedicated self-development and leadership practice, I was never quite satisfied with the level of personal development tools available, and along the way, I had created some of my own frameworks to evaluate my life, and help me set goals and direction.  
I found myself using these tools with my coaching clients, and eventually, I decided, bringing this framework to the world in a way that others could quickly experience the same benefits of insight and clarity that I use it for, was the most significant impact I could make.
Almost two full years later, while working in close collaboration with emotional expert and psychologist Dr. Douglas J. Tataryn and his leading work on emotional health (also founder of the Bio-Emotive Framework), we have launched!
Helping people to find CLARITY (we can't go where we can't see); and, directing that insight to raise quality of life, is the inspiring vision. 
The Life Inventory Assessment is just the beginning! 
Picture: Maurice Thibodeau (left)
& Dr. Douglas J. Tataryn (right)